When forming a new business, it is imperative for business owners to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. Determining which type of legal entity to use for a new business can be very confusing. Sometimes, the wrong choices can be costly. Law Office of Saikon Gbehan offers small business owners and entrepreneurs guidance in making decisions and assists them in establishing the new business entity. Attorney Saikon Gbehan works closely with clients to develop an understanding of their businesses, provides strategic advice and assists in drafting business agreements that fit their needs.

Whether it is forming a traditional corporation, a partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company or non-profit corporation, Law Office of Saikon Gbehan is equipped to assist clients with the following:

Articles of Incorporation/Organization

Corporate By-Laws

Operating Agreements

Shareholder Agreements; Partnership Agreements

Corporate Minutes and Resolutions

Filing with the Secretary of State

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