• Personal Injury

    If you or a loved one are involved in an accident due to another person’s negligence or intention, you could have a personal injury case. Injuries that come from the accident can be physical, emotional, or affect a person’s reputation. Most of the personal injury claims involve bodily injury. Compensation for your case may be fully awarded if you have a personal injury attorney by your side. Learn More

  • Immigration Law

    Immigration law sets rules that the federal government has established to determine if they are allowed to enter the country. It also applies to the laws that govern if a person enters the country illegally or stays too long. The United States allows Congress to legislate immigration litigation. Learn More

  • Civil Litigation

    Civil litigation focuses on resolving non-criminal disputes between two parties, whether individuals or businesses. Most cases start with a complaint filed against one party, followed by gathering any and all evidence to support the complaint. In some cases, settlements are made before the case is able to go to trial. In the event that a case does go to trial, you’ll want an experienced civil litigation attorney by your side to ensure that you have the most successful case possible. Learn More