Civil Litigation

Dedicated Legal Representation in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Gavel resting on a desk Civil Litigation refers to lawsuits filed by individuals or businesses that seek to enforce a legal right or remedy. Most times, the remedy sought is in the form of a money judgment, but it could be an order for other relief, such as a court order to prevent someone from taking an action or to force them to take one.

Our civil litigation attorney at the The Law Office of Saikon Gbehan, LLC. has worked with clients across Rhode Island and Massachusetts to obtain awards that helped our clients:

  • Get compensation for their losses
  • Solve their business disputes
  • Recover their outstanding payments
  • Resolve disputes with their insurance company
  • Enforce business/financial contracts
  • Enforce the provisions in their employment contract with the employer
  • Get the rights to their real estate properties

A civil lawsuit begins when a plaintiff files a complaint against a defendant. This is followed by a lengthy process called discovery, which involves both sides exchanging information about the case. This is either concluded by a settlement or a trial before a judge or jury. Often, when both parties agree that the case should be handled between them outside the court, they may choose to resolve the dispute through arbitration or mediation. Our experienced civil litigation attorney at the The Law Office of Saikon Gbehan, LLC. possesses the necessary experience and knowledge to help clients through all facets of the dispute resolution process. We have helped clients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts from the beginning to the end of a lawsuit, and on both sides, plaintiff and defendant.

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