What To Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in Rhode Island

by Saikon Gbehan Isijola, Esq.

Slip and fall accidents in Rhode Island are regularly costly affairs, typically caused by other persons or also businesses. Regrettably, many parties at fault shy away from accepting responsibility. In such instances, a lawsuit may be needed to secure medical costs, lost income, and lastly compensation for discomfort and distress.

What to Do Following a Slip and Fall Incident

Here are steps to undertake immediately after a Rhode Island slip and fall accident:

  1. Procure Medical Attention Right Away

    Immediately seeking medical aid post your slip and fall occurrence is crucial. Your injury’s full extent might not be visibly evident then. Also, medical documentation acts as vital evidence for claiming and retrieving damages.

  2. Secure and Retain Evidence

    Evidence is required to determine the party responsible for the accident. Scan the surrounding area post-accident to identify the cause, if any. Capture photographs of the scene and specifically, the causative spot. It will assist in your slip and fall Rhode Island case.

  3. Search for Witnesses

    It’s beneficial to have someone vouch for your version of events in a slip and fall accident. Thus, ensuring you have the witness’s names, contacts and aaddresses strengthens your case for fair compensation.

  4. Generate an Incident Report

    The longer you delay notification, the weaker your slip and fall claim becomes. Inform the associated authorities promptly to avoid the typical defense of ‘there’s no such report’. An incident report should immediately follow the accident.

  5. Lastly, Engage a Personal Injury Attorney

    Slip and fall Rhode Island cases are intricate, making the aid of an experienced personal injury attorney invaluable to substantiating your claim.

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