What To Do Immediately After A Car Accident in Rhode Island

by Saikon Gbehan Isijola, Esq.

Staying at the Scene

After a car accident in Rhode Island, do not leave the scene, no matter how minor it seems. Leaving can often constitute a crime and may obstruct you from filing an accurate police report. Also, documenting the accident properly and preserving any photos or evidence helps to protect your interests.

Calling the Police

Having a police officer at the scene expedites information exchange. A police report also safeguards your legal rights. Therefore, call the police immediately and provide accurate information about the incident. Do not admit uncertain things, as it may affect your fair compensation eligibility. Insist on a police report even for a minor accident.

Gathering and Preserving Evidence

Evidence proving who is liable for your injuries is critical. If possible, take pictures of the involved car(s), suffered injuries, and the scene. These photos or videos taken right after the car accident are crucial to a fair compensation claim.

Witnesses Can Help

If someone with firsthand knowledge can validate your version of the car accident, it strengthens your claim. Additionally, collect the contact information of any unbiased bystanders who witnessed the accident. It’s also advisable to obtain information from passengers and pedestrians involved.

Seeking Immediate Medical Assistance

If a car accident occurs, do not decline medical evaluation or assistance, regardless of visible injuries. Invisible or delayed injuries may exist, and professional medical care not only ensures quicker recovery but also helps substantiate your damages, enhancing your claim.

Consult a Personal Injury Attorney

Before speaking to an insurance agent, talk to a personal injury attorney. Insurance companies often give low settlement offers to unrepresented individuals to save cost. A personal injury lawyer can explain your legal options and help obtain fair compensation for expenses like medical bills, lost wages, pain and also suffering. Avoid signing any settlement offer without consulting an experienced attorney first.

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