Pedestrian Accidents

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Man sitting in front of a car with his head in his hands and woman kneeling next to him after a pedestrian accidentAre you a victim of a pedestrian accident? Or perhaps, you know someone who has suffered due to the negligence of a distracted or reckless driver in Rhode Island or Massachusetts? Thousands of innocent pedestrians sustain severe injuries or lose their lives every day. A significant number of these pedestrian-car incidents lead to grave personal injury or even death. That’s where our Rhode Island pedestrian accident lawyer at the Law Office of Saikon Gbehan, LLC, can help.

Drunk drivers, buses, trucks, taxis – all hold potential threats to pedestrians crossing or walking down the road. These accidents happen most often due to the negligence of drivers who overlook stop signs, speed regulations, and other common traffic laws. Also, accidents could occur if drivers use cell phones while driving, neglect the right of way to pedestrians, or don’t yield to pedestrians trying to cross the street or crosswalk.

We comprehend the unique challenges you face in personal injury claims as a pedestrian. Our skilled Rhode Island pedestrian accident lawyer is ready to guide you through your injury claim’s intricate process. We aim to ensure you receive your due maximum compensation. Additionally, our attorney establishes a case in detail and hires experts. This method helps us present all facts and also hold the guilty party accountable.

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